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Creating a Culture of Wellness

These programs focus on making the county healthier. 

Community Programs

Just Call

Just Call encourages people to call for help during overdose emergencies and to ask for help with substance use disorder (SUD).

Just Call logo. Text reads, "Just Call. You might save their life. 911 in an emergency. 988 for suicide & crisis lifeline. 1-888-235-HOPE for help line. NC 211 for referral services,

Naloxone Training

Gaston County residents and organizations can learn how to identify overdoses and administer Naloxone. The Gaston Controlled Substances Coalition (GCSC) will distribute Naloxone and encourage organizations to make it easily accessible to staff and community members. 

Loneliness Resources

Loneliness is a feeling of being disconnected from other people. Visit our page on loneliness to access tools and resources that might help you feel better.

Health Programs

Gaston Controlled Substances Coalition

The GCSC works to prevent Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and provides resources to people living with addiction.

Gaston Controlled Substances Coalition Logo. Text says "Gaston Controlled Substances Coalition an initiative of Gaston Together"
Healthy Gaston logo. Text reads "Healthy Gaston
Creating a Culture of Wellness
An initiative of Gaston Together"

Healthy Gaston Initiative

Healthy Gaston aims to improve the overall health of Gaston County. Each month, Healthy Gaston shares health-related information, tips about preventative care, and healthy recipes. 

Contact us to sign up for the Healthy Gaston newsletter.

Healthy Gaston

Health in All Policies

Health in All Policies is a work team that focuses on using a health lens in all decision-making.

Transportation Equity Strategy Team (TEST)

a Health in All Policies Subcommittee

Health in All Policies
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