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One Gaston 2040 logo.

One Gaston 2040

Why create a vision now? Gaston County is part of a powerhouse economic region, and people are attracted to the County’s quality of life, small-town character, and natural beauty. Our population is growing, our diversity is increasing, economic development is affecting our housing trends and changing our local character, and issues of equity and inclusion are natural outgrowths of change. As we emerge from the pandemic, it is critical that we can answer the question, “What is our place in the Charlotte region?”

The hopes and intentions of the county’s residents for 2040 can be summed up by this Vision Statement:

One Gaston: A place where everyone thrives.

This simple statement packs a lot of meaning.

“One Gaston” means that the County will work together as a community, and that divisions that exist across different geographies, different races and ethnicities, and different neighborhoods will be less important than the commonalities when it comes to the wellbeing of the community. It means that the community will find ways to collaborate and coordinate efforts so that there is less risk of any part of the community being left behind or having fewer opportunities than others.

“A place where everyone thrives” means every person will have the ability to meet their needs and enjoy healthy lives. Everyone will have access to services and resources. Not only individuals, but also businesses, neighborhoods, organizations, and local governments will be energized by their vibrant community.

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