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Creating a Culture of Wellness

These programs focus on making the county healthier. 

Turning the Tides: Naloxone Training Program

Gaston County residents and organizations can learn how to identify overdoses and administer Naloxone. The Gaston Together will distribute Naloxone and encourage organizations to make it easily accessible to staff and community members. 

The training will discuss


Why Naloxone is both harmless and beneficial

Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

The routes by which people develop opioid use disorder – including Adverse Childhood Experiences


The chemistry of opioids and their impact on the brain

Naloxone and Harm Reduction

Why Naloxone is critical in preventing harm

Pharmaceutical Industry

The role of big pharma in creating this epidemic

Municipal governments, businesses, nonprofits, schools, colleges, and faith-based organizations are encouraged to participate in the program. As a result, more people in Gaston County will:​

  • Recognize opioid overdose symptoms 

  • Understand opioids’ effects and why Naloxone works

  • Commit to preventing opioid deaths

  • Receive free Naloxone 

  • Effectively use Naloxone

Information about opioids

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